Terms & Conditions

Handing over to the lessee and return to the lessor
The lessor hands over the vehicle at the time specified in the rental agreement, at the specified location.

The lessee returns the vehicle to the location specified in the rental agreement at the end of the agreed rental period. Rental period extensions or change of return location must be agreed upon with the lessor as soon as possible.

The lessor is not obligated to pay compensation if the lessee returns the vehicle before the agreed rental period.

If the vehicle is not returned at the end of the agreed rental period, the matter is reported to the police as a case of theft.  If the vehicle is returned after the time agreed, the renter will charge 50 €/every extra hour. Lessor is also entitled to recover reasonable compensation for economic losses as a result of negligence on the part of the lessee.

The vehicle is to be returned with a full tank of fuel. Waste water tanks (and domestic waste water tank) must be emptied before the return of the vehicle. The lessor is entitled to collect an additional € 100 fee for the draining of the waste water tanks.

Security deposit and rental
The lessor will charge a security deposit of € 300 at time of reservation. If the deposit is paid by bank transfer, the reservation will be confirmed only when the transaction is cleared and visible in the lessor’s account. The security deposit will be refunded to the lessee’s account when the vehicle is returned at the agreed time, in the same condition as the vehicle was at the time of handing over.

The rental fee is to be paid by credit/debit card (VISA /MasterCard) when a vechile is handing over.

The rent includes
The rent includes the vehicle with accessories (including toilet chemicals) and the allotted amount of kilometers agreed upon in the rental agreement. The lessor has insured the vehicle with the mandatory traffic and comprehensive insurance. The lessee’s personal liability is 800 €/damage case (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and other European countries 2000 €/damage case for the damages that insurance covers. This deductible can be reduced in half with the purchase of additional coverage in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark – daily fee will apply. Deductible will be reduced from the security deposit. The lessee is responsible for any additional insurance.

The lessee’s obligations and responsibilities
At the time of handing over, the lessee must inspect the vehicle together with the lessor and document any deficiencies or defects in the rental agreement. If the defects or deficiencies have not been recognized, the lessee is responsible for these deficiencies as they have not been observed at the start of the rental period.

The lessee is obligated to treat the vehicle and accessories in such a way that they remain in the same condition at the time of returning the vehicle as they were during the start of the rental period, with the exception of normal wear and tear.

During the rental period the lessee is required to inspect the vehicle and ensure that use of the vehicle’s electrical devices do not allow the vehicle’s batteries to be drained. If the vehicle’s starter battery is discharged due to the lessee’s own negligence, such as forgetting the headlights on while the vehicle is switched off, or excessive use of the vehicle’s dashboard 12V plugs while the vehicle is switched off, the lessee is obligated to restart the vehicle / charge the battery so that the vehicle will start. It is recommended to connect the AC power source when camping; this is the best way to ensure your electrical equipment operation and battery charging.

Smoking in a rented vehicle is absolutely forbidden! Failure to abide will result in an additional charge of 500 €. Pets may be allowed, but must be separately agreed upon.

Rented vehicles may not be driven outside of Finland without the lessor’s written consent. The lessee is not entitled to hand over the vehicle to anyone other than persons mentioned in the rental agreement.

The lessee is responsible for up to a 800 €/damage case (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and other European countries 2000 €/damage case for the damages that insurance covers.

  • To compensate for damages to the vehicle or its equipment which occurred during the rentalperiod
  • To compensate for lost parts and accessories

The lessee is fully responsible for excess damage to the vehicle and its equipment outside the coverage of the comprehensive insurance (for example damages on the awning or interior) . The lessee is released from liability if the lessor receives full compensation for the damages caused.

The lessee is required to pay rent on the vehicle spot while camping, parking fees and parking tickets, toll or congestion fees, fines, misdemeanor charges and/or other charges.

Lessor’s obligations
The lessor is required to provide a vehicle which, at the time of delivery, is in road worthy and operational to be used for the activities mentioned in the rental agreement.

The lessor is not liable for vehicle breakdown/failure or any damage to the lessee, the lessee’s property, or means of transport, or to any other person. The lessor is not liable for reimbursements of travel or accommodation expenses caused by an interruption of the trip.

The lessor is not liable for the lessee’s property, which has been in the vehicle for example, in case of theft, which the vehicle comprehensive insurance does not cover.

Procedures with fault, damage and theft cases In the event of technical or other fault, the lessee must notify the lessor immediately. The lessee is required to deliver the vehicle for repairs at the lessor’s expense if requested to do so by the lessor.

The lessee can also return the vehicle in case of fault immediately to the lessor in which case the rental agreement ends at the time of delivery. If, during the rental period, the vehicle encounters a technical failure or other problem, the lessee is entitled to request a reduction of the rental fee. If the fault is major, the lessee can request that the rental agreement be canceled.

In the event of tire damage, the lessee is obligated to repair the tire at the lessor’s expense, however, by negotiating this with the lessor first.

In the event of a traffic accident, the lessee is obligated to immediately inform the lessor of the incident. If the lessee is the least bit unsure of who is at fault, the lessee must notify the police. The police must be ALWAYS notified in the case of personal injury. Also in the event of a moose collision, the lessee must always report the incident to the police and provide a police-issued report of the incident to the lessor.

In the event of theft, the lessee must notify the lessor immediately. Theft must be immediately reported to the police. The lessor must then inform the lessee about the actions to be taken.

If the lessee fails to act or file the aforementioned reports, he/she is responsible for the consequential damages brought onto the lessor.

Termination of the contract
If the lessee terminates the rental agreement earlier than:

  • 14 days before the start of the rental period, the lessor is required to return the security deposit minus € 50.00, which covers the costs incurred for terminating the rental agreement
  • 7 days prior to the start of the rental period, the lessor is required to return the rent and the security deposit minus € 100.00, which covers the costs incurred for terminating the rental agreement
  • If the lessee terminates the agreement later than 7 days before the start of the rental period, the lessor is required to return the rent in its entirety, but to withhold the security deposit of € 300, which covers the costs incurred for terminating the rental agreement.

The lessor has the right to terminate the rental period and/or the rental agreement, when it is apparent that the lessee breaches the terms of the rental agreement, or that the lessee is in the lessor’s opinion unable to handle the vehicle properly.

If vehicle use is prevented due to injury or theft, the agreement is terminated the lessor must receive notice of what happened. In the event that the lessor terminates the rental agreement, the lessee is required to immediately return the vehicle to the lessor.